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Wherever you are, you’ll find a distributor nearby…

Our sales network aims to make it as simple as possible to purchase Biopointe Scientific products and you will find our present current global Distributors listed above.

This network is expanding rapidly but should there not be a listing for your location right now, you can find options below or please let us know and we will quickly respond.

How to buy…

If your organisation does not have an account with Biopointe Scientific, you can contact your nearest distributor for individual purchases or to open an account with them.
Customers who have an account with Biopointe Scientific can shop direct using a Purchase Order or Credit Card and will have the opportunity of creating an individual pricing structure based on your requirements.

Without an account we are happy to service orders by Credit card at list prices.

Our online basket facility is being updated to the latest technology and will be available in the near future. If you would like to be notified when this facility goes live, just add your name here >

Biopointe Scientific HQ