TIP PACKAGING OPTIONS 2017-09-11T16:55:52+00:00

BULK_1000 Tips. Self standing bag. 10 Bags per case

  • Bottom gusset allows for a free-standing and stable bag

  • Constructed from double-thick puncture-resistance plastic

  • Slider Seal provides effortless opening/ closing and so single-handed access to the contents

RACKED_96 Tips per tray. 10 Hinged lid racks per pack. 5 Packs per case

  • Rigid construction ensures maximum stability with multi-channel pipetting

  • 96-well, fast-snap insert features exact-hole alignment

  • Snap-lock clasp keeps lid secure

  • Recyclable, autoclavable, and individually numbered for product traceability

RELOAD_96 Tips per tray. 5 Stacked trays with lift-off lid. 2 Stacks per pack. 10 Packs per case

  • Ideal for applications requiring intensive tip use

  • Simply use the top tray and discard when empty to access the next level of 96 tips

  • Designed to minimize waste and reduce ecological footprint

  • Stacked inserts and tips are “reloaded” into empty racks – reduces plastic waste

  • Tip insert is ‘locked’ into base for added security